The Language of the News investigates and critiques the conventions of language used in newspapers and provides students with a clear introduction to critical linguistics as a tool for analysis.Using contemporary examples from UK, USA and Australian newspapers this book deals with key themes of representation — from gender and national identity to ‘race’— and looks at how language is used to construct audiences, to persuade, and even to parody.

It examines debates in the newspapers themselves about the nature of language including commentary on political correctness, the sensitive use of language and irony as a journalistic weapon. Featuring chapter openings and summaries, activities, and a wealth of examples from contemporary news coverage (including examples from television and radio), Language of the News broadens the perceptions of the use of language in the news media and is essential reading for students of media and communication, journalism, and English language and linguistics.

ISBN: 041537202X
Metai: 2007
Puslapių skaičius: 240 p.
Kalba: anglų
Įrišimas: minkšti viršeliai
Leidykla: Routledge


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