The reputation of journalists is continually being questioned. Nearly every public opinion poll shows that people have lost respect for journalists and lost faith in the news media. In this fully updated and expanded sixth edition of "Ethics in Journalism", author Ron F. Smith provides a highly readable introduction to journalism ethics, and offers solutions for the many ethical dilemmas facing journalists today.

Fully revised and updated throughout, the new edition: utilizes dozens of new case studies, most taken from everyday experiences of reporters at both large and smaller newspapers and TV stations; explores the practical ethical issues involved in developing sources, coming to terms with objectivity, and bringing compassion to the pressures of journalism; considers the impact of blogs and the Internet on traditional values of journalism; relates American journalistic practices to those of media in other free societies; examines the effect of the changing ownership models on the quality of journalism; and provides a philosophical perspective to ethical questions.

ISBN: 1405159340
Metai: 2008
Puslapių skaičius: 384 p.
Kalba: anglų
Įrišimas: minkšti viršeliai
Leidykla: Blackwell Publishing Ltd


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