This new edition of the best-selling text has been fully revised and updated to take into account new developments in communication and media studies. More Than Words provides an introduction to both communication theory and practice. The authors cover essential elements of communication, including communication between individuals and groups, in organizations and through mass media and new technologies.

The fourth edition features:

  • new case studies and assignments
  • an updated series of key questions helping students to understand central concepts in communication studies
  • expanded sections on mass media and on practical communication and media skills
  • guidance on listening skills, interpersonal and social skills, writing skills, leaflet design, and planning, scripting, and producing audio and video material.
  • "More Than Words" is illustrated with new models and photographs and has checklist summaries for easy revision purposes. Clear and practical, it is an essential text for students of communication studies.

ISBN: 0415303834
Metai: 2007
Puslapių skaičius:  304 p.
Kalba: anglų
Įrišimas: minkšti viršeliai
Leidykla: Routledge


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