From MP3 to Marconi...everyday life is full of soundscapes created by professionals. "Sound Media" considers how music recording, radio broadcasting and muzak influence people´s daily lives and introduces the many and varied creative techniques that have developed in music and journalism throughout the 20th century.

Lars Nyre presents the contemporary cultural engagements in the field of sound studies, and works back from the soundscapes of the present day to the 1870s. "Sound Media" is a book for media students and scholars, music lovers and media pundits, as well as journalists, musicians, and audio engineers. It contains a soundtrack CD with 36 examples from broadcasting and music recording in Europe and the USA, from Edith Piaf to Sarah Cox, and is richly illustrated with figures, timelines and technical drawings.


ISBN: 0415391148
Metai: 2008
Puslapių skaičius: 240 p.
Kalba: anglų
Įrišimas: minkšti viršeliai
Leidykla: Routledge


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